Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Still limping along...

I've just been entirely too short of funds to go to shows and have been limiting my music purchases.  That last being said...

As you know, I play ukulele (at least I think I've gotten to the point that I can say that.  Still not anywhere near being able to say I've mastered the instrument, though).  So, you'd think I'd have some Hawai'ian music in my vast quantity of music.  Well, to be honest, up until yesterday the only Hawai'ian music I had was the two pieces that were on the Lilo & Stitch soundtrack.  Mostly, when it comes to the uke, I've been concentrating on learning songs that I know, figuring that I'll learn the chords better if I already have an idea what the song should sound like.  So.  Last week I stumbled upon a great mash up of "Don't Worry, Be Happy", "I'm Yours" and a medley of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "What a Wonderful World".  The later two songs by a gentleman called Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (goes by IZ for some reason).  Having no idea who he was, I hit Wikipedia and found out he was big in Hawai'i. 


Sadly, he died young, but in the time he was alive, he recorded a lot of traditional Hawai'ian songs along with covering a few English songs.  He had a beautiful voice. And he played the ukulele.
Yeah, somehow the uke looks bigger when I play it. 

So, now I have one of his albums - Facing Future - and I'll probably be getting all of them, because he's that good.  The following song is from that album, but I can't find anywhere on the album that says who wrote it:

This one makes me want to learn to hula:

The next is probably his most famous recording, mainly because most Americans aren't going to listen to a song if they don't know the language.

So, I suppose I'll leave you with that.  I highly encourage you to go find his music yourself.  It makes me Dance!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Did another CD run

We went to Best Buy with the slim hope that they might have the new Gotye album.  (No, not Goatsy.  That's gross.)  Seeing as he's from New Zealand and not on any of the Clearchannel Stations, we didn't have much hope, but Best Buy has surprised us before.  Not this time, though.  So, instead we picked up Florence and the Machine, Ceremonials and then dug around in the $5 bargain bin.  After much hemming and hawing, I decided to replace two Billy Joel albums that I lost when my record collection died a horrible death - 52nd Street and Glass Houses.  "You May Be Right" from Glass Houses was my first exposure to Billy Joel (at least that I can remember).  I loved the song, so bought the album.  When the whole album turned out to be great I went out and bought 52nd Street and The Stranger.  Still haven't replaced the latter, but I'll get around to it eventually.

Ceremonials turned out to be just as good as I was hoping.  I really like every song on the album.  I love the fact that Florence doesn't have a cookie cutter Pop Princess voice. She puts a lot of emotion into her vocals.   Florence and the Machine have definitely earned all the nominations and awards they have gathered with this album.  Hopefully, they will be able to maintain the quality of this album through their career.