Monday, January 16, 2012

Not giving up...

Got distracted by the holidays and lack of motivation, but I'm not going to give up on the blog.  Things have settled and we've recovered from the holiday financial crunch, so I think I'll have more to babble about.  I'm seriously hoping to get out to more shows this year.  We weren't able to get season tickets for the opera this year, but I'm really going to try to get to one of the last shows.  I just have to get my act together.

So, what's been happening musically in my life - mostly practicing the ukulele and listening to my iTunes.  I've finally started wrapping my fingers around the B and Bb chords.  These chords are identical, just one fret off.  They require me to press 2 strings with my forefinger and then two other strings with the 2nd and 3rd finger.  Problem being with getting the pressure right on both the strings the forefinger is holding AND keeping my hand raised enough that my wedding ring doesn't touch the first string.  I am now able to do this, but I'm still having trouble being able to do it consistently when switching from other chords.  I am getting there, though.

I now have 10,247 songs on my iTunes thanks to Best Buy's sale bins.  I specifically went there to pick up The Black Keys new album, El Camino.  It is an excellent rocking album, with a lot of energetic songs.  This was the first release:

The don't appear to have an official music video.  I chose this one because the guy was having such a fun time with the song and the music quality was perfect to the album.  As you can hear, it is another one of my perky dysfunctional love songs.

The other 3 CDs I picked up were Greatest hits albums.  Electric Light Orchestra, All Over the World, which at $10 for 20 songs was a great buy; The Best of Berlin, because I'm an 80s music type of gal; and The Best of Louis Armstrong, because I'm also a big band/jazz type of gal.  What amuses me is that I've got a lot of Louis Armstrong music, but I did not have one of the songs on this particular Best Of album.  Which just goes to show that when you've made that much music, you really can't have a Best of album without making it a double or triple album.  The latter 2 albums I found in the $4.99 sale bin and I could have spent quite a lot more on music had I not already given myself a limit (which I was well over just grabbing the 2).

So, with that I'll sign off.  May go see if I can add Eb to my repertoire.

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