Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jake Who?

Last night I met a ukulele god.  Well, I didn't actually meet him, because my hubby wanted to go to the club after the show, but I did see him on stage and have been totally blown away.  His name is Jake Shimabukuro and he is my master now.  In the course of his performance, he managed to make the ukulele sound like a blues guitar, a banjo, a frickin' snare drum, a flamenco guitar and a koto (Japanese 13 string harp).  And also a ukulele.  But, AMAZING ukulele. 

Enough blather!  Here, I'll show you.  Some Rock 'n' Roll:

And the flamenco guitar?

And the banjo?

And the koto?

I could go on, but I'll allow you the pleasure of looking it up for yourself.  Here's his home page.  He's got albums.  Go buy.  Support this man so he will keep doing what he does!!

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