Sunday, May 13, 2012

Celtic Rock

As I've mentioned before, I love it when traditional music is played in an untraditional way.  There is a very healthy Celtic music following in the D/FW area - despite the small amount of venues - and we're friends with several folks who perform.  One of the gentlemen pirates who used to sing with my husband in The Corsairs is now lead singer for a group called Irish Blind.  They play Celtic rock and it is a wonderful thing.  A mix of rock instruments - electric bass, electric guitar and a trap set - with Celtic instruments - penny whistle, mandolin - and a stray accordion on occasion.  They've got a few original tunes thrown in with the traditional tunes and they play with a great deal if energy.  Oh, hey!  They're on YouTube.  Who knew?

And because I titled this post as Celtic Rock and not Irish Blind, I shall share a few of my other favorites when it comes to this kind of music.

The Drop Kick Murphys - Shipping up to Boston.  The video has nothing to do with the lyrics, but that's not unusual with professional videos these days.

Flogging Molly - Seven Deadly Sins

The Tossers - Good Morning Da.  This is a very fun video and actually follows the story of the song.

Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man.  Yes, I count this as Celtic rock.  They are part of a movement in the UK to bring folk music back into the mainstream.  Pretty much exactly what the Celtic rock groups here are doing except for us it's imported folk music.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any videos of my favorite Celtic rock group - an Australian group named Brother.  They broke up before the advent of YouTube and cell phones with video, so nothing has been posted on them.

Other groups you might look up - Seven Nations, The Blarney Brothers, Six Mile Bridge, Blackmore's Night.

Who's your favorite Celtic rock band?

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