Tuesday, May 1, 2012

One Year Anniversary!

One year ago today, I purchased my ukulele!  Okay, I'm still not an expert, but I can make my way through a few songs.  Also, I got to spend some of the weekend jamming with my fellow ukulelian, Erin.  I think I need more jam sessions.  Playing with other people, makes all that playing alone worthwhile.

The other thing I did this weekend was go to the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival.  Erin lives right across the street, so it made for a good place to hang between ventures into the - unfortunately - quite dusty venue.  Heard a lot of music in passing, but settled down to actually listen to a Texas Swing Band, which I unfortunately never caught the name of.  Also, finally got to see Brave Combo live for the first time since the late '80s when I was catching them at a hole in the wall bar called The Library.  This was a little before they became semi-famous.  So, I think I'll spam you with a bit of nuclear polka.

Did I mention that I played clarinet in Jr High and High School band?  Yeah, I was pretty good, but I'd never have been asked to sub for the guy in the above video.

The Denton in the title is, of course, Denton, Texas where they started out and the only place I've seen them live.  Bonus points if you realized that the line "Denton, the home of happiness" came from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".

And one last one, because you know I can't leave you without trying to break your brain.


  1. Hokey pokey! Like that one a lot. :D

    1. What makes it better is when you see them live and get to watch the hipsters dance to it. Even played like that, you cannot be cool dancing the Hokey Pokey.

  2. still didn't hear you play :(